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Recessed Stainless Steel In Ground Tie Down Anchors With Covers

We manufacture recessed in ground tie down anchors easily securing any items that can be blown away, stolen or moved. Made of stainless steel. Stainless steel differs from carbon steel by the amount of chromium present. Unprotected carbon steel rusts readily when exposed to air, moisture, and salt. Chromium in stainless steel blocks corrosion from spreading into metal's internal structure.

The anchors have work load limits from 1,000 lbs for small aircrafts, tents, mobile homes, rv's, boats, etc. to 40,000 lbs for heavy duty applications such as jumbo cargo jets, commercial jets, shipyards, towers, engine maintenance, etc. Anchors may be ordered with or without a cover. Ring size ID 1.5" to 5.25".

Rings are weldless: the ring rotates from side to side when used and lays flat and recessed when not in use.

Anchor Photo, Model #AN20000
Weldless ring
Anchor Photo, Models #HK10000 and AN5000
HK10000 (w/ SS Cover), AN5000
Anchor Photo, Models #SL5000, SL20000
SL5000, SL20000
No cover necessary, hook slides up/down in sleeve
Anchor Photo, Model #NT020
No cover necessary
Anchor Photo, Model #HK40000
40,000# work load, 200,000# breaking strength

We will custom build anchors to your specifications - Call for quotes

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